Love for Ruby


Today is a big day for Ruby. She’s having heart surgery and we’d love to show her mama, Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home, some support. Today on instagram, facebook or twitter post a photo of a heart and tag it #loveforruby to show Ruby’s family that there are people in the world praying for and thinking about her as she undergoes surgery and recovery.

From Christie’s blog post last week:

I can’t believe Ruby is 6 months old already (last Thursday). Which also means her surgery is soon. As in next Tuesday, December 17th soon. That is the day her little heart will be repaired. The day they will open her chest and actually stop her heart and put her body on a bypass machine for 30-90 minutes. I’ve thought a lot about the bypass machine—at first it terrified me, but now I am truly in awe at what they can do. It really is amazing.


If you’re interested in sending the family a little money to help buy a meal out while they take care of their little heart warrior baby you can join this facebook group to find out the details.

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