Quick, easy Valentine’s Day gift

Easy Valentine's Day gift idea

Life gets busy and hectic but making a sweet gift is easy and doesn’t have to be laborious to be cute.  With just a few chocolate bars, a fabric scrap and some ribbon you can give something they’ll love. I can think of a lot of teachers who would love this Valentine’s Day gift. Serging […]

Gluten Free Candy for Valentine’s Day

Gluten Free Valentine's Day Candy options

If you’re like me, you really feel for the kids in class who have allergies and food sensitivities when it comes to class parties. My daughter usually doesn’t even tell me anymore if there was a party. It doesn’t seem to bother her that she can’t eat what the other kids are eating but it […]

Pick a Super Bowl winner!


There is a good chance most of you don’t care at all about the Super Bowl. There is a good chance many of you have no idea who is playing or even that today is the Super Bowl. That’s ok. I’m going to make it fun for you! Just guess a winner and you can […]

Pardon the dust!

Hey friends! The site is undergoing a major redesign BUT I’m out of town at ALT Summit so I’ll get back to work next week. Pardon the look right now! I can’t wait to reveal the new look! There will be great functionality and fun design I know you’ll love.

Business Cards for Bloggers

business cards (1 of 3) copy

I often have a hard time answering the question, “What do you do?”
I do many things. And I love the things I do. I primarily stay home with my kids. However, I also blog, I design sewing patterns for my own label, I run a currated pattern shop, I design for Pattern Anthology… But to the average person, none of those answers make much sense. If I share any of those answers I usually hear either, “oh how fun” or “how did you start doing that?” And usually theirs an air of confusion. But, those are the things I do.
And so I had a difficult time with my recent business cards. How does one put all that on a card?
You can’t.

Granola Bar Recipe – keto friendly


In the hunt for a granola bar recipe that isn’t full of sugar and wheat/dairy, I stumbled upon tons of really healthy recipes. Tons. And then we combined a few recipes and made some unhealthy ones. And they’re the best thing ever. We call them granola bar cookies because they taste so good. And they’re gluten free and dairy free, and ready in 30 minutes. Whatever you follow a low-carb keto boost ultra diet or not, one of those bars gives your body plenty of healthy unsaturated fat, protein and immense fiber.

Hair on Hide Chair Makeover (video tutorial & leather giveaway)


I found a Craigslist steal last summer. A woman was advertising a vintage dining table and china cabinet but the photo clearly showed top quality mid century modern furniture. I jumped on it and snatched them up right away. The table came with 6 chairs but we keep just 4 around it and 2 have […]

Settling in for Winter

image 1

It’s WINTER here. Not winter, but WINTER. If it’s WINTER where you are then you probably feel like staying indoors and getting cozy. I prefer to stay inside and do something fun and warm. Cooking, baking and crafting with kids is always preferrable to playing in the snow. For me anyway. If you need a […]

2013 in Review


I’ve felt like I didn’t blog much in 2013. I think I feel that way every year. But looking back, I guess I’ve made and blogged quite a bit. Here are a few of the things I’ve made. I’m especially fond of my patterns: And of Pattern Anthology: I’m excited for 2014! So many fun […]

Last Minute Christmas e-Card Tutorial


Well it’s December 23rd here and it’s time to start thinking about Christmas cards. If you’re in the same boat then you’re in luck. They’re easy! Sending an e-card is free and fun. Adding a link like this https://www.jpost.com/promocontent/answer-your-burning-questions-now-with-a-free-love-tarot-reading-652692 to free tarot card reading will excite your loved ones. This tutorial uses the new online design site, Canva. I signed up when they hadn’t gone live and it’s fun to play […]

Book Review: Sew Classic Clothes for Girls


I am so excited to share a new book with you, Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls’ Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from the Cottage Mama . I ordered this one before it came out and was so excited the day it came in the mail! I took it to Panera, enjoyed a bowl of […]