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April 21, 2010


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Melissa Howard

The dresses are truly adorable...the watermelon is so sweet...

Melissa Howard

Sorry, I posted another one. ;0

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom

I love love love your new title bar. How creative! Those dresses and the girls are so precious :)


Those dresses are SO cute!!! Mine is an older post from one of the weeks you were off! LOL! I hope that is okay!


I have that same fabric. I made a skirt though for my daughter. I will have to find the post it was last summer :) I hope you have a great day!


I love their dresses! Sadly, I haven't sewn a single thing to wear all month...

Mandee@My Life with one eye open

Thanks For stopping by!! I added you, this is a fabulous site!


Your dresses are adorable! I'm actually just now liking the idea of dressing my girls the same. Only because it's easier. Ha! I've got twins and my motto has always been "coordinating, not matching."

I just linked up, thanks for the invite!


The dresses are so cute. CAn you tell me what pattern you used? My girls would love some new dresses. Thanks!


thank you for visiting my blog and inviting me to the link party! You have a great blog and I'll be visiting more often! :)


Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is so nice and I appreciate that you're hosting this link party!


Love the dresses. Love the blog. thanks for stopping by at


Wow - so many creative and talented people -sometimes I have to not read your blog Andrea, it makes me feel like a slug. :) Love the watermelon dresses!!

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