Handmade Dress Up Series: DIY Bat Mask Tutorial

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Welcome Susan! Thanks for the wonderful bat mask tutorial!

Hey all you Train to Crazy passengers!
I’m Susan and my blog is Living with Punks.
I am so happy to be here with Andrea today showing you a fast and easy bat mask pattern for the little ones. My punks (who are 9) still fly around the house with these on.
And little sister loves her too because you can make it in pink…or purple, whatever color is on the top of her list for the week!

Let’s get started:

Materials 1/4 yard felt. I try to use wool felt, but you can use acrylic. Contrasting Thread Coordinating Thread 12″ of 1/2″ elastic Instructions 1. Print out the FREE Bat Mask Pattern Download here and cut out

2. Fold the felt piece so you have a double layer of felt to cut through. Pin the mask pattern to the felt to prevent shifting while cutting. To cut the eye, just fold that particular portion in half and make a slit to get your scissors thru, and then cut around the eye piece. Take your elastic and place it on the side of the opening closest to the flat side of the wing and secure with pins

3. Take your contrasting thread and begin stitching 1/8″ away from the raw edge. Stitch all the way around, being careful as you go around the points and curves. I found it useful to hand turn the needle around the tighter places.

4. Use your coordinating thread to stitch around the eyes.

5. Put on your little punk and watch him fly through the air! You can always make a pink princess bat mask for that little girly too, if you have one….we all know they have that bat squeal down!

Here are a few tutorials you can find on my blog
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  1. Fernanda says

    I made this kind out of foamy, they were amazing and didnt need to sew, with an elastic band on the back, in case there is someone out there that doesnt know how to sew like me….

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