Handmade Dress Up Series: DIY Karate Kid Headband (hachimaki) Tutorial

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Hello all! I’m Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home. I’m excited to be here today as part of Andrea’s series. What a wonderful idea to get a ton of fun dress-up items for the kiddos! My kids love our dress-up box, and it looks like I might have to add to it after seeing everyone’s tutorials. DSC_1323 Today we’re going to keep it really simple. DSC_1340 I’m going to show you how to make Daniel Larusso’s headband from The Karate Kid. I think the correct term is a hachimaki.
You can purchase these for about $10.00 (shipped) online, but I figured they would be so easy to make, and you probably even have everything you need in your house already! Let’s get started!DSC_1333 You’ll need: -printed flower design, download HERE (I used my silhouette software to trace the image HERE). You can resize the flower to make it bigger or smaller according to how large or small a headband you are making. This size is good for about 4-9 year olds. Ish. :) -black fabric or black acrylic paint -paint brush -8” x about 44” piece white fabric (I used cotton) -pencil with an eraser in nearly new condition (so the sides aren’t worn down) DSC_1201 Fold the white piece of fabric in half lengthwise and crease the middle so you know where it is.DSC_1203 Center the flower underneath the fabric and trace with a pencil (or something that might erase better—I had a hard time getting my pencil marks off where the paint didn’t cover it). Or you can trace it onto freezer paper and cut out the shape. DSC_1205 Place a sheet of paper underneath and start painting. You can either free-hand it and like I did, or you could cut this shape out of freezer paper, iron the freezer paper on, and paint. That would be easier and probably faster, but I thought it would be faster the way I did it. It probably wasn’t. Next, start marking with a pencil (starting about 1/2” away from the flower) every 1”, then another line 1” away from that. My dots aren’t as close together as the real version, so you can make your dots closer if you’d like. DSC_1207 Dip your eraser in the black paint and start making dots over the pencil markings in the above picture (make sure there is paper beneath your fabric again). I did 8 columns of dots on either side of the flower. DSC_1210DSC_1211 Once the paint has dried, fold the short ends under 1/4”, then another 1/4” and sew. The ends are now finished. Almost done!DSC_1213 Now all you do is fold in half so the long ends match, and sew about a 1/4” seam down the whole long edge.DSC_1215 Iron the seam flat as picture below.DSC_1216 Turn right side out and you are done! DSC_1217 Since my 8 year old received the 1984 version of Karate Kid for his birthday, he’s been really into Karate. DSC_1327 “background-image: none; display: block; float: none; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; padding-left: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-top: 0px; border: 0px;” title=”DSC_1327″ width=”430″ /> And was happy to oblige for many, many pictures. “Mom! Take a picture of me doing this move!” DSC_1357DSC_1338DSC_1358 Thanks for having me today, Andrea!
Thank YOU Christie! Thanks for showing us how to make a Karate Kid headband!
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  1. KC Frye says

    Thanks. My lil sis had this headband from the time of the first Karate Kid movie, years ago. Now, at age 53, she is mad that we can’t find it. Darn. Five houses later, how the heck would I know where it went? lol. Didn’t want to order online so I just gave her a Sponge Bob bandana and told her I found it!! (she is now blind) And it worked. Until someone mentioned it was Sponge Bob. Now I can make her a real one.
    Although she is 53, she is Down Syndrome and takes her Halloween Costumes seriously.
    I just love her.

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