Handmade Dress Up Series: DIY Pillowcase R2D2 Costume Tutorial

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Welcome Stacey! Thanks for the wonderful R2D2 costume tutorial!

Hi. I’m Stacey. I blog at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! I’m a former Elementary school teacher and current SAHM with three rowdy boys (5, 2, and 15 months). A lot of the sewing and crafting you’ll see is for my rambunctious crew.

They enjoy crafting right along with me and we have tons of fun planning great boy themed parties. We move around a lot for my husband’s job so I’m often re-inventing our home decor and toying with our systems of organization. Lately, I seem to be developing a pretty nasty case of pillow obsession as well.

We’re in the middle of a recent move and Halloween has gone from creeping up to practically right on the doorstep. Since my sewing machine is packed away in a box, on a very large ship, our Halloween costumes have fallen into the no sew category this year. I’m here today to share my tutorial for a very simple R2D2 pillowcase costume.

Now that I’ve made one, I see about a zillion possibilities for using a pillowcase for a costume base. What an easy way to beef up your child’s dress-up closet.

What You’ll Need:
1 white pillowcase
Blue and black fabric markers

1 plastic bowel
Glue gun, nail or drill
1 jar top
Blue and black permanent markers

Step 1: Body of Costume

After cutting, have your child try on the pillowcase.

Using pencil and ruler, draw a series of rectangles in the basic positions of R2D2′s body. Utilize Google images for proper placement. If your child is anything like mine, authenticity is extremely important. Can you see where I had to erase the pencil and try again?

Once you’re happy with the general placement, outline with the black fabric marker.

using your Google image as a reference, fill in boxes with the blue fabric marker. Can you tell that nap time was looming?

Step 2: The Hat

Use your black permanent marker to color the entire jar top black. Set aside to dry.

Again, using Google images for reference, draw a series of trapezoids and rectangles and color them in with your blue permanent marker.

Once dry, use a glue gun to attach the black jar top.

Use a nail or drill to punch holes on both sides of the helmet. Thread your ribbon through each hole and knot.

There you have it. Thank you for letting me share. May the force be with you!

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