seersucker pants for boys. really?

I happen to love seersucker. I know not everyone does. I especially love the stripes in seersucker. The problem with seersucker is that it is a thin fabric. Not quite robust enough for a new walker. This is easily fixable by lining the pants. Easy enough. I used my new 12-24 month pants pattern (I really should find a better name. Any ideas?) and they turned out adorable.

Last time I mentioned this pants pattern you couldn't really see the details of the pants. I love the huge front pockets and I rarely make pants without a fake (or real) fly. It just adds a little something I think.

The contrast waist band is fun as well. In this case I matched it to the cuffs.

Nothing quite as adorable as little feet. Except maybe chubby hands.

The pants have room for a big diaper bum as well. I think the big tummy is just there to keep him from tipping backward. Seersuckerpants-4358

(No actual babies were harmed in the making of this post)

Is anyone looking for a pants pattern of this description? I'm totally willing to share it if there is any interest. It works well for boys or girls, obviously.


Adorable toy sewing patterns at DIY Fluffies


  1. says

    I love these. I have a whole slew of seersucker just waiting to be used. I love, love, love how you turned the fabric to make the pockets pop. And the little guy is just too cute. How do you not much on those cheeks all day?

  2. MsPulcher says

    New reader, LOVE YOUR BLOG! And yes, *please* may we have the pattern? Or some general pointers? Fantastic photos, and your l’il guy could NOT be any cuter!

  3. says

    Oh, I was just checking back hoping to see the tutorial for these seersucker baby pants up…I so want to make them for the spring/summer for my boy.
    Is this something your plan on posting??
    Can you please update us on this?

  4. Lena says

    These pants are so cute! I am busy sewing for our very first grandbaby and these pants would be great for next summer when he turns 1. I don’t know if you have posted the pattern + instructions somewhere, but I wasn’t able to find them.

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