E Dog gets a shirt

A little friend turned one recently. We've affectionately nicknamed him "E Dog". Little E Dog has a special place in our hearts and even though we don't live near him we like to think of him as my little guy's best friend. They haven't seen each other since they could move but that doesn't stop their friendship. So on little E Dog's birthday he got this shirt.

E dog shirt-4618
I loved it so much I almost couldn't bear to part with it. Seriously. I mean, how great is that E tag??

He got a pair of coordinating pants, of course.

E dog shirt-4619

E dog shirt-4622

I can't wait to see our little friend in his outfit. Hopefully soon. Hint, hint.

E dog shirt-4625
Feel free to make your own E Dog (C Dog? R Dog?) shirts. If you need the pattern I could certainly upload my drawing. Though I'm sure you can draw a few wonky circles on your own. Remember, imperfect is better.

How do you feel about this E Dog? (feel free to shower me with praise, I don't mind)

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