20 easy DIY gifts for women ($10 and less)

Need to make a gift for a girlfriend, mother, daughter, sister or neighbor quickly? I've rounded up 20 easy gifts for women you can make quickly and cheaply with these easy DIY tutorials. All for under $10!

20 easy DIY gifts for women for under $10

hand dipped color block wood utensilsColor block painted utensils

diy sewing kit jar pin cushion tutorialMason jar sewing kit

cabochan jewelry
Cabochon Jewelry

Peppermint patties

little zipper walletZip pouch wallet

photo pendant jewelry
Photo pendant jewelry (initial cost of product more but if you make a few it evens out)

painted bead necklace
Painted bead necklace

bicycle dish towelRetro bicycle sketchy dish towel

anthro lace bib necklaceChained lace necklace

write names on glassesGlass jar typography

rosette bracelet

the best peppermint bark recipePeppermint Bark
Fabric luggage tag tutorialfabric luggage tags

Coin purse. (buy 7 cute frames here for $20)

Painted-Drop-Cloth-Soap-WrapsPainted drop cloth soap wraps

bookmarks DIYBeautiful ribbon bookmarks

Needlebooks-and-scissorsNeedle book with sxissor guard


Sunglasses Case

earbud zip pouch keychainKeychain earphone pouch

Mod Podge soap traysMod Podge soap trays

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