Interview your child this year- free printable

I love the idea of interviewing your children every year. I know they would love reading their answers in the future. I made a quick interview form that older kids can fill out themselves or you can write younger children's answers in for them. This All About Me This Year printable is on our to do list today! What a great way to kick off the year!


You can download this PDF file for free. Click here.

Do you keep track of your child's likes and dislikes throughout the years? Have you found a fun way to keep these memories?


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing! When I get my kids’ school pics at the beginning of the school year I ask them some of these same questions. I have written their answers in a journal so that one day I can go back and make a scrapbook page.

  2. Tracy says

    I’ve tried to do this every year near the beginning of the school year. Kind of slacked last year or so due to grad school (while working 40+ hrs/week), student teaching and now unemployed……….. things have been hectic. Hopefully things will ease up this year. I’ll be working on this tonight with my girls :)

  3. Kristi Andres says

    Thanks so much for this form. My 8 year old daughter helped her three siblings (5, 4 and 4) fill it out and I was surprised at some of their answers. we will be doing this again next year!

  4. Deb C says

    So sad, my son is 27…. to late for an old lady like me… But so glad you young mom’s can add this to your “Save forever” file.

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