The time I made “lapkins”

I needed to make napkins for an upcoming dinner and found myself only liking one fabric out of my stash for the job. This is remarkable for two reasons. First, I have a million fabrics. Second, I have a million fabrics. Though, in my defense, most of them are knit or bottom weight so they aren't exactly napkin material. But the bummer was that this particular fabric was only 1 yard. And I needed to make six napkins.

So I cut my yard into 6 equal pieces. 12"x22". That's a pretty long rectangle. I considered cutting the yard into 9 pieces. 12"x14.66". That's a small napkin. Perhaps more of a cocktail napkin? But I didn't do it. I made the long rectangles. I used my mitered corner cloth napkin tutorial.

That's when the Lapkin was born.

It's perfect for little laps (bigger ones too). And it can fold nicely for dinner or substitute as a placemat, if you're desperate.

Or just stack them together and admire.

Aren't those corners lovely? These napkins are SO easy to make. If you've never made them make sure you check out my tutorial over on today! I recommend using a fat quarter for one napkin (1 yard = 4 napkins). But I kinda link my little lapkins.


  1. Lynn says

    I like the lapkins. Noticed in some of Downton Abbey the napkins layed full over the laps. Retro idea you might have stumbled on.

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