Last Minute Christmas e-Card Tutorial

Well it’s December 23rd here and it’s time to start thinking about Christmas cards. If you’re in the same boat then you’re in luck. They’re easy! Sending an e-card is free and fun. This tutorial uses the new online design site, Canva. I signed up when they hadn’t gone live and it’s fun to play around with. This morning I made this cute little card.


This one too.


Ready to make your own?


Create an account with


1. Select Christmas Card.


2. Then select a template or even select just a background and add your own photo and text.


3. Select the current template photo then click the trash to delete.


4. Select upload and upload any photos from your computer or facebook. Double click them to put them in your card.

5. Use the circles at the corner to make the photo larger or smaller. The round handle at the bottom of the photo is to rotate it. Sometimes tilted photos are super cute.


6. Click the interposition button (see arrow) to bring one element in front of another. Simple highlight that element then click your cursor on that button to bring it to the front.


7. Click to send your card. Choose if you want to upload email addresses or give Canva access to your friends and contacts.

That’s it!

When your friends and family check their email this is what they’ll see.


They just click to view the card.



That’s it! Have a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


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