Tutorial: Travel Toothbrush Holder

Browsing Pinterest last week I saw something that was so simple it was brilliant. A travel toothbrush holder made from a wash cloth. It was great, but not exactly what I need. My problem is electric toothbrushes are hard to pack. They are big and bulky. Most commercial options aren't adequate. I hate those plastic […]

Messenger Bag Sew Along Part 4

This is the final installment of the messenger bag sew along tutorial. When you have completed the next few steps your bag will look like this. Are you ready to sew your own now? I think this Robert Kaufman print would make a great messenger bag! Click here for Part 4 of the sew along. […]

E Dog gets a shirt

A little friend turned one recently. We've affectionately nicknamed him "E Dog". Little E Dog has a special place in our hearts and even though we don't live near him we like to think of him as my little guy's best friend. They haven't seen each other since they could move but that doesn't stop […]

Messenger Bag Sew Along Week 2

There is still time to join in! Check out Week 1 of the sew along where we gathered supplies. Of course, you can always finish at your own rate! It is now time to cut our fabric and get started sewing! When you are finished with today's portion you'll have completed this: Yay! Now hop […]

Football Softie Tutorial

I'm sure you've all been stuck at one point or another wondering what to make for someone's new little baby. You want to make something that will be useful, cute, and get used. Many handmade items don't always fit into those categories. But here is something that does. The football softie tutorial! The perfect way […]

Diaper & Wipes Carrier

What parent doesn't need a small case to hold a couple diapers and wipes? I'm sure I do! Noodles & Milk sent me her Diaper & Wipes Case with Strap pattern to test. Let me just tell you how easy this pattern is! I think I cut out the fabric and sewed this up in […]

Problem Solving {hooded beach towel backpack tutorial}

Welcome to The Train To Crazy! If you find this tutorial useful I hope you'll subscribe, follow me on twitter, facebook or Google+! Don't forget to check out Make It Wear It, the weekly blog party to showcase all those clothing items and accessories you've been making. Our weather has cooled off a bit […]

Sewing for boy {pants}

I'm still loving Handmade Beginnings: 24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby. After sewing the hoodie and booties I moved on to the pants. The, oh so cute, pants. They are reversible and have a cute little panel on the bum. I fell in love with these fabrics. They are bold and cute and I'm hoping […]

A neck warmer and a new link up PARTY!

UPDATE: Don't forget that the Clothing Sew Along starts today!! It is no surprise that it is cold here in Boston. Really cold. Colder than I like. Thankfully we have modern gear and can be toasty warm without the bulk of the 1990's puffer jacket. You know what I'm talking about. You had one. Perhaps […]

Elephanting around

I made my first stuffed animals. I decided on the elephant. I'm glad. I learned some things. For instance, after you sew up the shell, don't just hand it to your husband with a bag of stuffing and expect him to just "figure it out." I also learned that I hate hand sewing. I'm not […]