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April 15, 2009


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Heather D

She is so beautiful, inside and out!
I'm sure it's tough being the middle child.


The trials of the middle child...

Very sweet photo :)


little sweetie!

ethan is starting to teach other kids to knee-walk(?!) and really getting into dino noises. i showed him a photo of a zebra earlier and he launched into a huge t-rex growl. maybe Daphne could try finding her voice with some dino sounds...

Sarah P

Sweet girl...


What a sweet picture! I feel the same way about Tessa. She doesn't express hers in tummy aches but in screaming tantrums. But we're working on that :) It must be hard for those middle ones, though. Especially when they're two.


It must be tough to be two! Our Little Beauty is still adjusting to having a baby sister around the house too...

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