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April 02, 2009


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Touching Godliness Through Submission by KP Yohannan. A must-read, especially in this political climate.

Heather D

I wish I had some gem to add to the list, but I'm finishing up the Twilight books. I do have The Wonder of Boys on my nightstand, I'm about two chapters in and it's promising. I'm hoping it can explain the whole bodily function fascination to me...


funny I was just at the library yesterday and now I have way to many books to read. I love books. I love that the library has so many now on my to read list.


Woah - what an incredible story!! Thanks for the link to the Journey blog - holy smokes!!

I am reading How to Raise Your Spirited Child, and I really like it. In the first two chapters, I felt validated about being a parent. :)

Andrea  @ The Train To Crazy

Anya, I've heard great things about that book. Let me know how the rest of it is.


You have to READ Trusting God by Jerry Bridges!!! That's my all time favorite. Sacred Marriage is great too! I'll be thinking about this one. . .ooh, duh, Red Letters! hehe

Love ya,

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