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December 01, 2009


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I am so excited to start my first 25 Days of Giving.I have tried to include some big, some little, some free and some costly to the mix. I am trying to be very purposeful, so my first day was giving a gift to myself: some me time to get my mind prepared for the month ahead.


I'm doing something similar! (sorry if this is a repost)


what a great idea! I love it! the list is printing as I type! :)


I printed out your list of ideas when you first posted them. I don't have an activity planned for every day, but I am still trying to make this advent time special and meaningful (as in the REAL meaning of Christmas). Thanks for the jump start! I'll try to post some of our activities at some point, but I've made blogging less of a priority to focus more on...well, our activities.

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